One to One Class One hour £40 or 90 minutes £60

Two students per class One hour £50 or 90 minutes £70

Small groups, Home Visits or children/teenage classes can be arranged on request.

Please provide 24hour cancellation notice, otherwise full payment needs to be made.




SHENLEY CHAPEL, Porters Park Drive, Shenley Herts WD7 9DW (Not the Methodist Church)

Wednesdays 6.30-8pm Monthly payment in advance £40 for block of 4 classes or £30 for 3 depending on number of classes in the month. Trial class £10. Doors open at 6.15pm.

Thursdays 9.30-11am Monthly payment in advance £40 for block of 4 classes or £30 for 3 depending on the number of classes in the month. Trial class £10. Doors open at 9.15am.


There is a car park & a short walk up to the front entrance.


Payment details & Reminders:

Money is not transferable for missed classes, this is not pay as you go nor drop-in (apart from summer schedule)

Full payment is due on the first session of the month.

I'd be grateful if cash is given in a named envelope or if you prefer to pay online please ask for bank details.

If regular students are only able to attend one class in a particular month (eg. due to holidays or work commitments) please keep me posted & the charge will be £15 for a one-off session or £30 for two classes in the month. My intention is not to exclude anyone from a rare opportunity to practice.

For new students, a trial class will be £10 & thereafter if they decide to join, the remaining sessions of the month to be paid in full.


Yoga Class details:

Please arrive to class a few minutes before to roll out your mat & for a prompt start. As you can appreciate late arrivals can be quite disruptive for those already settling into Relaxation & a quiet space. Yoga is special time.

Please bring your own yoga mat to group classes (& a block if you have one, spares available)

Suggestion to bring a blanket & socks to keep warm during Relaxation. We tend to cool down when we relax & warm up again during physical practice.

Extra padding is also helpful for tender knees & to support the lower back or head. We always focus deeply on Selfcare.

To wear comfy/warm clothing (layers are useful with fluctuating body temperatures!)

A bottle of water, especially in warmer weather.

Students are encouraged to attend classes on a regular basis.


Please note: The Chapel occasionally has pre-scheduled events, so certain classes will be cancelled with as much advance-warning given as possible. Heavy snow in Winter months can also affect access. Please ask or see website for class dates, any cancellations or updates.


Please note: Health Form & Disclaimer must be completed & signed prior to first class.

If you have any questions it would be lovely to chat, please call me 07956671113. Namaste :)







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spiritual connection

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