Welcome to my article about yoga which will give you an idea about my style of teaching.....




I have been practising yoga for 20 years and graduated as a teacher from the Bushey School of Yoga under the wonderful guidance of Ellen Lee. At first, yoga was very much about physical excercise, developing my strength and stamina. But over time, it has gradually become so much more, a multi-layered holistic experience, deeply touching every aspect of my life.


There are many types and interpretations of yoga in today's society and each will appeal to individuals in different and very personal ways. For me, yoga is about return and connection to your beautiful Self. My teaching style is often referred to as authentic and restorative.  I share a gentle and supportive Hatha yoga practice, with Physical Postures alongside Meditation and Relaxation, a coming together of mind, body and soul. You are encouraged to trust and acknowledge your Self on all levels - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual - and to safely explore yoga and respond to it in your own unique way. I offer yoga which is calming, cleansing and strengthening for the spine, limbs, joints, muscles, vital organs, bones & digestion. To relax, stimulate and encourage balance within all systems of the body.


We develop flexibility and ease of movement, via a graceful rhythm and flow of postures, as well as stillness and steadiness within the mind and body. This is an intuitive, gradual process of stretching, releasing tension, letting go and creating a sense of lightness and stability. Learning to listen consciously to your own body, practising with patience, honesty, compassion and respect, with no forcing or over-striving. Finding courage to explore and deepen a stretch or likewise easing out of it, if it feels too much, and always taking responsibility for your decisions, with care and understanding. Slowing down and observing your thoughts and the way you move, possibly developing a more positive and non-judgemental attitude towards your self, life & others.


Rest plays such an important part at different stages of each yoga session. At the start, time to arrive on your mat and become present-centred, to soften and prepare the mind and body for the practice. In between, to pause and absorb energy of the postures and notice the transition of one experience to the next. At the end, a chance for reflection and gratitude, a quiet, healing space to simply 'be' - and also a much-needed counter-balance to fast-paced lifestyle.


Yoga is a process of self-enquiry, a choice to discover more about how you feel, greater awareness of your breath and a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy. I am extremely passionate about the joy, support, comfort, strength and sense of well-being that yoga can offer in life and believe that students will come to the practice as and when they feel open, ready & willing. Yoga is for everyone and no previous experience is necessary.


As your teacher, I am there to safely guide you and to share with you my love and ongoing journey of yoga practice.


Namaste :)